A57 Replacement coming? Features?....

Started Jan 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Camera to defeat = Nikon D5200

RandyPD wrote:

I'm thinking that it will have the same sensor as the NEX 6, which means it will have on-sensor PDAF and will adopt the same AF technology as the A99..I'm also hoping that it will also adopt the regular AF sensors of the A77, with more cross sensors.

I hope that it's a totally new sensor for the A58, look at the Nikon 5200, which is the new high ISO king apparently !!!  this should be the camera to beat for Sony, so it's even more important then one could think because the Nikon 5200 has a new sensor from Toshiba, so one could ask is this the end of Sony sensors for Nikon ???

the theorie that the A58 could come with Flipup mirror is also something to remember, if true, that could be the big surprice.

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