Lens suggestions for Pentax K-5II

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Re: Lens suggestions for Pentax K-5II

The 18-55WR kit is pretty good for what it is and it's cheap.  For the versatility of FL it's a good option for anyone who's happy with zooms.

For your macros the DFA100/2.8WR is a killer and it can do portraits too.  For theatrical work you can lose too much DOF at larger aperures than f/2.8 anyway.

After that the choice really depends on your favourite FLs and whether you prefer zooms or primes.  Pentax does have some good zooms but its primes are where you get top quality in small, light packages.

You haven't mentioned UWA: if you like going wide the Sigma 8-16 is as good as any optically, and is great value.

TCs: it's getting very hard to find K-mount TCs, with most makers pulling out of the market.  They are, in any case, not much help unless you use them on the best glass.

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