RX1 Love Affair Continues... Despite some nasty comments here

Started Jan 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: RX1 Love Affair Continues... Despite some nasty comments here

I don't have a problem with AF. It is certainly faster than my old Nex-5 and for that matter, my a55. I don't really miss a VF either. I have never used a perfect camera...AF issues, or exposure issues, or poor UI (for me), and we all differ in our requirements and likes/dislikes. I wanted to love the OM-D - sounds so great on paper but in real life did nothing for me and didn't enjoy using it. The RX1 on the other hand may be the closest to perfection (for me) that I found in a camera.

I think a lot of the hate comes from people who think they are the only people in the world and if something doesn't meet their requirements or costs more than they can afford then they cannot simply say "not my cup of tea" or "can't afford it" but have to unleash the hatred. People like that are losers so who cares what they think?

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