Epson 2000 vs 3000 Need to replace my R1800

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Re: Epson 2000 vs 3000 Need to replace my R1800

Craig wrote:

All good points on the R3000 however the R2000 uses pigment ink too. You might be thinking of the 1430 artisan.

I think the R2000 will serve him well for his needs.


Sorry, you are absolutely right, the ink name is UltraChrome HiGloss2 and not UltraChrome K3 Vivid Magenta. I was looking at several printer specifications (including recent Canon) and I have confused the ink type in my mind... Too bad I have not double checked before writing.

Many thanks for pointing out the mistake.

I'm still not able to find any lightfastness data on Aardenburg or WIR for this different pigment inkset, but being pigment based it should perform good.

However, given that the R2000 is still pigment based the edge over the R3000 on colorful images could be higly reduced, if any: maybe I'm wrong but even in presence of dedicated Red and Orange inks they should perform almost on par, I think.

The lack of three black ink remains the main difference, but the OP is not interested in B&W, so, the decision is mainly driven by the presence of GO, street price and ink costs I think. I agree with you that the R2000 could be the choice to go for him.

Sorry again for the mistake.


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