New Zealand is currently the most 'free' country on earth.

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Re: New Zealand is currently the most 'free' country on earth.

Shunda77 wrote:

FeedMe wrote:

When you consider that the US FBI went into NZ and took out the megaupload guy and all his equipment.. either bypassing the NZ Govt. OR with their approval (probably enforced with 'trade sanction' threats)..

Completely bypassing NZ judicial system..

It's hard to see NZ as the "most free country".

That will never happen again, that much is true.

But you haven't told the full story, the USA demanded we hand Kim Dotcom over, and the judiciary here told them to get stuffed.

I had heard that - I was condensing it down a bit.. the end result was that they still got him.

And it must have been with some NZ support.. as you said below ".. again"

His freedom is guaranteed in NZ, those events were deemed illegal and it would be political suicide for any government that allowed that to happen here again.

They give away their freedom to US threats, like any other country does..

Well that's a real laugh, considering the USA has been punishing us sine the 1980's for our anti nuclear policy, including suspending military defensive treaties.

True.. but they STILL got him - with govt. help..

The politicians still rolled over and got the legal system buttfuucked..

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