Typical RAW-to-B&W workflow? Or JPG film-sim?

Started Jan 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
Ross Kennedy Regular Member • Posts: 300
Re: Typical RAW-to-B&W workflow? Or JPG film-sim?

I typically don't decide in advance when I'm going to use B&W...I'll take all the shots in colour first (Raw + Provia JPEG) and then decide what might be more appropriate for B&W conversion later. My typical flow is to do most of the work on the colour file, then convert using Silver-Efex, then finish off back in LR.

However, I've been messing around with VSCO film presets for LR recently and I really like their B&W options...their Tri-X option looks nicer to me than the SFX version (not more accurate, just more attractive!). VSCO also mean that you are still working on the raw file in LR, so you still have the full array of LR sliders to play with. The only problem with VSCO is that you can't apply a B&W preset and a toning present (say some light sepia toning) at the same time as they use the same controls.

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