Is there anything bad about the RX100?

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Re: Custom white balance

The custom white balance is possible. Only when going through the menu, though, not in the quick menu for white balance. If you go to the white balance settings via the menu where you get the choices on the left side of the screen there is a choice for custom white balance setting and afterwards you can use this custom setting.

Actually this is an example of what I consider the biggest flaw of this camera: poor UI design. There's a lot that could have been done better in this regard. And really this would be an easy fix mostly. Examples:

- Self-Timer in bracketing mode

- Possibility to use all JPEG-only effects in RAW+JPEG

- More than 3 custom settings

- Maximum exposure time setting in P- and A- mode

- Auto-ISO in M-Mode

- Possibility to save settings in iA-mode (saturation, etc.)

- Possibility to customize large menus or better use of submenus (e.g. for all the picture effects)

- Bracketing with more than +-2EV


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