So what will it take for a review of the RX1 here at DPR?

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Re: You have been around here long enough

ncsakany wrote:

Zarniwoop1985 wrote:

I have the camera. Love it to bits. But weirdly...and very humanly...I am waiting for the review, to confirm, to me in my mind, that the camera is good! How silly is that?!

One should trust the evidence of one's own eyes and experiences. But no! Being fallible human beings, we seek confirmation...and assurances...

It's not that I need validation or another voice to say how good the camera is. But oftentimes a review will expose stuff I've missed noticing, or offer alternative ways to go about things. In other words it makes for good and informative reading.

I know. I was referring to myself. Besides, I think we're not as objective as we like to think we are. How many times has the 'taste' of food you perceive been influenced by the decor of a restaurant or the packaging? If a camera comes in a beautiful mahogany box...does it impact our opinion of it? Would a review by a site such as DPReview influence our feelings about a camera we have already purchased and used?

Questions. Questions. I am merely posting questions!

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