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I know this may not be the correct forum for this but after days of internet and searches here I have come across monitor threads on the camera forums so here it goes.

I have a 6 year old NEC Multisync 2490WUXi. It has 40,000 hrs on it. NEC told me 50,000 is about the life cycle. They can last much longer but 50,000 is the cutoff point.

I have been using Spyder 3 pro and upgraded to Elite. Had elite for about 3 years. I have always noticed a blue tint or a better word might be the whites look almost too cool. When I reset the monitor to factory the whites are very yellow.

Now I'm comparing this to a new iMac. It is not the screen I want to edit from but when I dragged an image over the whites looked white. Very yellow on the factory preset NEC.

I contacted DataColor and they were very patient and they told me I was doing everything correctly but I just kept getting this blue cast so I was not really getting anywhere. The brightness test showed I'm getting 226 cd/m2 at 100%

Next I downloaded Coloreyes Display Pro trial as you can use it with the Spyder Puck. After calibrating it looked similar to the NEC native or factory reset. So I'm getting two extremes, too cool using Datacolor and too warm using ColorEyes. Could not figure this one out. Trial is over for the coloreyes so that is done.

At this point I'm thinking I need to replace the monitor which I have no problem doing if I need to. I also decided I may as well go with NEC calibration so I ordered the Spectraview II from B&H which I received yesterday. I calibrated my current monitor with great anticipation and I got the cool blue tint again.

I spent some time with NEC support. We tried the brightness test and also got 226 at 100%. The tech guy was getting 300 at 100% so basically it is pointing to a tired monitor but he did not really want to suggest that.

Just to point out out all the settings were 2.2, 120 and 6500 for all calibrators. Spyder always took the white point down to 5800 when I included the ambient reading.

So using NEC I tried intensities of 140 and 160 and @160 it started getting acceptable. I dragged an image over to the iMAC and turned the brightness down and they are pretty close now. NEC a little greyer but that is because of the anti glare.

So I sprung $1000 on a new monitor from B&H yesterday. PA241W-BK. I'm still on the fence because I recall that I always had this blue tint. A friend came over a few years ago and asked why the screen looked blue. Internet searches have shown others seeing this but no real resolution.

The images in PS and LR seem to look OK but internet pages have this blue cast so I'm wondering if it is there in PS and LR and I can't see it. Colour to the human eye is subjective so we rely on calibration. I have been looking at this screen for too long as well I thnk. My concern is I get this new monitor and the same thing happens. I hate returning stuff. I'm hoping this is just due to the monitors age as a person cannot tell over a long slow deterioration.

I'm also wondering about Mountain Lion 10.8.2. I loved my MAC's until this version which I find pretty unstable. I am going to us the new DVI cable and buy a new thunderbolt adapter just to rule anything out if I get the new monitor.

So any other advice, experiences, pointers would be very helpful as I'm on the verge of cancelling the order, returning NEC calibration stuff and looking at other monitor options. The only reason is I have read about this blue tint on the net.

Thanks in advance.

Like my PA241 a lot. There have been LOTS of monitor threads in the PC Forum section here. I think is where by far the most of them have been.

No blue tints. I used the custom NEC i1D2, an i1 Pro spectro and an i1Display Pro (which is what the current SV II kit should come with).

Did you order just the SV II software and use the same Spyder 3 puck again or did you get the one that comes with the i1Pro Display puck? (for i1D2 is was vastly better to get it from NEC, since those were custom calibrated and off the sheld i1D2 were random junk AND unable to calibrate wide gamut). Currently it is better to get SV II software only and then an xrite i1 Display Pro off the shelf since the one from NEC is locked out of third party software usage I believe and the off the shelf ones for this puck were tuned to the exact NEC PA241W for their wide gamut table and they have very, very low copy to copy variability.

I'm not using the Spyder puck. This is what I ordered.

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