New Zealand is currently the most 'free' country on earth.

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FeedMe wrote:

The USA is one of the least free countries..

You can go to war for your country and get the shiit blown out of you (18) but you can't have aa beer to celebrate the fact that you didn't get splattered (21)

Legality of XYZ changes from state to state - you can be legally having sex with your girlfriend in one state, cross the state line and do it again and get arrested (legal age 16 in some states, 18 in others).

So to you, "freedom" is defined by getting drunk and having sex with minors.


Your examples say a lot more about you, than it does about the US.

BUT - they all believe they are living in the "land of the free", brainwashed and blinkered into their tiny little views, but their freedoms are translucent and transient.


I would rather live in the US with all the apparent NON-freedom we have, than anywhere else in the world... with their definition of "freedom" and all the opportunities and diversity that do NOT come with it.

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