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As for the software, I suggest that you experiment, if you haven't already, with various channel combinations and blend modes in Calculations or the blending of R,G, and B channels with Apply Image. I will often convert a duplicate of the colour image using CS's B&W filter, deactivating that layer and see what you come up with the conversions that I mentioned above. Each has it's own character i.e. contrast, lights, darks, etc and can be blended into the duplicate with masks and blend modes.

It is also worthwhile - since the OP is already processing images in LR to some degree - looking into LR's own B&W conversion possibilities in greater depth. One advantage of this, is the economy of it - no separate file saved out, only some settings in metadata (virtual copies etc).

There are HSL (hue, saturation, luminance) options for not only adjusting the "colour filtration" of the original picture going into B&W conversion, but also the relative power / differentiation of the different parts of its hue spectrum. Also in combination with WB, all the various tone adjustments as well as local overrides by gradient or brush, there is fairly rich function that is easy to explore and save into presets etc to assist future exploration.

The technology of all this is the same as for ACR, and so there is quite a lot of relevant information out there (as of course there also is for the 3rd party utilities and plugins, though much of that is failrly uncritical in nature IMO).

This from George Jardine may be interesting: http://mulita.com/blog/?p=1244

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