Minolta 85mm f/1.4 - just curious....

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Re: Minolta 85mm f/1.4 - number of contact points

Bart7D wrote:

I happen to possess this great lens in a rare condition (that optically doesn't matter at all): it doesn't have the gold line/ring that is the standard 'signature' (together with the 'G') of this prime lens.

Anyone else here who has the same thing? I know just one other person who owns one.

Just curious! (The lens is a gem!)


I have a non-D (but G) version. 5 contact points vs 7 (or 8?) that you have. 5 points would not give you benefit of "D", and D version should be better "electronically" - such as focusing speed (and less noisy)  but not optcally. LE supposed is better optically but very very expensive (probably at least 3 times more expensive) and very rare. It is a collectors' item now.

A great typical minolta lens, I agree. Great color and bokeh but chromatic aberration when aperture bigger than F4-5.6 in prone situation is again very typical of older Minolta lens , i.e. rather severe. CZ 85/1.4 is better on 2 aspects optically -  sharper and less severe CA. So, these Minolta versions' price have basically remained the same in the last few years since people can get a CZ if price goes up. However, Minolta's price did go up when Sony increased the price of current lens. Iprefer Minolta than CZ since it is much less bulky and lighter.

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