Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR just purchased on Flebay!!!

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new to the party

Only recently got my Nikon D800 plus 16-35 and 105 macro ,I was considering the 70-200  , probably f4 for the lighter weight  but I have no idea what you folks are talking aobut regarding the "breathing"  what does that mean? I have been taking phortos for nearly 50 years but hav never heard the term used before ,d oyou mean the lens sucks nad blows air as it is zoomed? Not asilly question I really do not knw , can someone explain please? Is it something i should consider when selcting a lens , is it common , does it affect image quality?

sorry for the possibly naive questions but  sometimes one steps into the middle of a conversatino and has no idea what is gonig on

regards from Tasmania where lenses breathe freely

(except when bushfires are near by)


At portrait distances the focus breathing is a non-issue IMO, and the VRII delivers better IQ than the VR at close range. Even at the closest focus distance the VRII is 135mm (and it does focus closer than the VR). Whether the extra cost is justified depends on your finances.
Ron Co

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