Waiting for my Panasonic Dream camera

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Re: Waiting for my Panasonic Dream camera

Congratulations, you will not be disappointed! I own a G3 (use it with the 20mm & 14mm) I agree entirely with your wishlist. The drawbacks of the G3 are:

- no jacket pocketability

- lousy WB at incandescent light (easily correctible in pp though)

- don't even try to understand the manual

On the plus side:

- when you shoot RAW you get excellent results (for instance with Lightroom 4.x you can correct noise and highlights/shadows very good)

- good EVF

- affordable

I like my G3 (especially with the 20mm) and will continu to use it until our dream camera comes along. This might take another year (before it is affordable as well), when it is an
Olympus it also has to adresss the banding issue on the 20mm. As long as you shoot RAW you don't miss much compared to the Olympus OMD I think (except for very low light shooting where the OMDs sensor and IBIS shines)

Before the G3 I used a Nikon D40 (and still use it for telephoto), a good camera but - lens included- much bigger and heavier. A burden to take with you compared to the G3. The OVF of the D40 was better than the EVF of the G3 though.



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