IS blurring : does your 24-105mm f4 L have this problem?

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Re: IS blurring : does your 24-105mm f4 L have this problem?

The IS is claimed to give a three-stop advantage, so I would expect a shutter speed of 1/3s to be usable at 24mm. At 105mm 1/13s should be usable, so at 1/5s I am slightly outside the spec.

not really a correct assumption.

claimed IS strength is one. what you can handhold, what hit ratio are you aiming at, what is your tolerance to quality loss and finally what is the quality loss for specific sensor density (number of megapixels for sensor size) - is something completely different.

I know people who use 24-105 on 5D mkI and claim they can go as low as 1/2 of a second at 105mm. they are happy because they get 1 in 10 shots with OK quality for their standards. and they are used to ISO 3200, scenes with few small details, and viewing at 1200px width.

to my eyes it is all worthless. I compare to 5D mkII shot at ISO 100 of scenes with rich details and shot from a tripod, viewed at 100% (even if only for the sake of removing dust in LR) with 9 out of 10 photos being sharp.

if I'm to shot handheld my own rule of a thumb is 1/50 for 105mm. if it's not windy outside otherwise this is still not sufficient to make sure photos deliver maximum detail.

long story short: assumptions of "1/13 being safe" are way to generic and way to optimistic, especially with new sensors with 20+ megapixels...

However I would not expect the IS to cause extra blurring at f5.6. The degree of blurring with IS on is somewhat worse than with IS switched off.

it is indeed a very strange example. mine 24-105 is OK when used with IS from f/4.5 on (it is in fact mostly used from f/8.0 on) but your sample look way too serious to be considered a coincidence or bad sampling. there might indeed be some problem with IS mechanism...

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