GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Re: We can always hope...

Prognathous wrote:

With an APS-C sensor and a modest 18-33/2.8-4.0 lens (28-50mm equiv.) I might consider one. I'm not looking for another small-sensor camera unless it has a lens that offers very unique capabilities (range, macro, speed). The wide-angle prime lens in the current GR-D doesn't offer any unique capabilities, and no, it's optical quality does not offer anything exceptional when compared with wide-angle prime lenses for APS-C cameras.

Bottom line: Ricoh should go APS-C and compromise on lens speed. This way they can keep the small size but gain DSLR image quality, without compromising on low-light capabilities (the large sensor good SNR offsets the reduction in lens speed).


I hate to keep squawking about this like some frenzied parrot but Ricoh has already got a whole range of aps-c modules on the market.  A couple more in areas not already addressed could do no wrong.  What would bring them all into play as a replaceable lensed ("thicker" perhaps) "GRD" - size camera back with mount rails.  I would wonder why Ricoh might try and squeeze out another Sigma DP or Sony RX1 when it has a presently neglected but very prospective modular mount system to flesh out?

So the new GRD might well be: "you are looking at the lens components, I wonder how they might work the camera back they attach to".

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