Ok this guy is a piece of work!

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Re: Ok this guy is a piece of work!

I thought it pretty tame really, but it DID show a big part of the cost of inks.........their wage bill in that factory would be astranomical!  After all it costs a whole heap of money to develop, run and maintain those machines, far more than wages for HUMAN workers, but then they do run 24/7/365 and dont need toilet stops and all those inconveniences!!! AND human workers just could not achieve the accuracy and repeatability of a machine..........come to think HUMANS are pretty useless really, probably best they get replaced altogether, machines would be FAR better consumers......after all they  (machines) could shop anytime, from anywhere and would not need shopping malls, parking etc.

Thank goodness for the folks that do produce and market 3rd party inks, they are smaller, less capital geared and produce things we CAN afford!

LOVED the printer featured, how old is that?

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