Sluggish X100 in cold weather?

Started Jan 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
EricWN Senior Member • Posts: 2,097
Re: Sluggish X100 in cold weather?

jerrycambuk wrote:

Guys, many thanks for your further comments. It does seem that the camera connection kit is probably the villain of the peace here. I will have a play around later to see if I can get the fault to re-create again (I've still not formatted the card since this problem arose) and then if it does I'll format the card and try again. It might also be worth me testing the 'read only' switch on the card itself.

I'll post some updates following my testing, but in the meantime, many thanks folks!


In fairness to the Mac, none of my other cameras have ever experienced the issue, and they have all imported to OS X as well as to the camera connection kit. The Fuji cameras just cannot deal if the Mac / iPad writes anything to the card. I cannot reproduce this with any other camera brand really. Only workarounds are what is described here already: format the card afterwards in camera or just write-protect it.

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