Calibrating lens to camera .. have you done it and does it really work ?

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Re: Calibrating lens to camera .. have you done it and does it really work ?

So trying to reach a consensus;

Most if not everyone on this forum has indicated they do not follow the 25-50x FL mm rule, they do not use the longest focal length of the zoom and some don't even use the widest or maximal aperture .. some use gadgets and external software and some don't ..

IMHO I think manufacturers should include very clear instructions about a feature that they included in the camera and I suppose they should tell us how they think it should be used and why .. I am sure people out there may differ with any such statements, but at least we should have a minimal dataset of standard instructions, and then people can do what they want.

MOF is that this feature does not replace sending a lens for calibration if it is way out .. and can help if focusing is obviously erratic at maximal aperture for example or at a certain focal length, and that it would be most useful if it is the camera that is misaligned, in which case a value for all lenses would be included .. although I would personally return the camera if it was new and ask for a replacement.

I feel that those cameras with this feature with a value for long and short focal lengths (wide and tele) for a zoom confirm that the test values only apply to the tested focal length (and aperture) .. and even on those bodies I don't know how the camera behaves in-between the focal length extremes with regards to fine tuning ..

I also feel that this is something that would perhaps work really well in a studio environment with primes especially where a set of photos are shot using exactly the same settings .. or perhaps for a project with the above pre-requisites .. apart from that it would be a completely hit and miss job ..

I would be interested to hear, especially from people who used external software to help, whether they have run the same test using the external software (FoCal or FocusTune) on real-life photos with and without fine tuning as the intervention to check if the fine tuned ones are better and at what focal lengths/apertures/distances .. because without that kind of test it may be just a placebo effect where people just feel better or more comfortable with the results because they have run the test and applied the fine tuning !! I know that you can't do that before people start screaming .. but I do not know if there are any such valid and reliable tests for real-life images especially those with extreme Bokeh, where many many others factors are involved, most important of which the human factor.

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