Should Lumix users buy the Olympus 75mm lens?

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Re: Should Lumix users buy the Olympus 75mm lens?

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BTW, I know this is well known problem, but good grief it is terrible to write a response on the iPad since the forum changes!! Every other word is wrongly 'corrected' now, every other word has to be typed, deleted, typed, deleted and then you read over the post and see that more phrases and entire sentences have morphed into unintelligible gibberish again. Why can't dpreview get this mess fixed!

Plus one ! It is a real pain ! All the more so that my iPad often misses some letters, especially I O P and H, it drives me mad, because I have to correct every two words. I think that it is the addition of the iPad spell checker and the forum text editor spellchecker which are playing havoc together, just like using OIS and IBIS at the same time. I don't understand why they can't just disable their own spellchecker when they detect any mobile devices. that shouldn't be rocket science !

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Told Jim before, but I'll say it again. Get one of these:

Brilliant device that makes the iPad 100X more useable.

Thanks, but I'm not sitting at a desk when using the iPad :-D, so it isn't of any use in my case. When sitting I use my desktop. But I received a special offering to get it along with a 4 th generation iPad yesterday and thought it would be the one to get if I was looking for such an added keyboard.


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