ACR 7.3 on a Mac

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Re: ACR 7.3 on a Mac

Having read your post I looked at my computer, that was last night when this site was in read only mode so I am writing from memory ! My mac is running 10.8.? apple did have a photo update  available through software update not that long ago to include some of the more recent cameras, might be worth having a look. I have full access to the preferences for both ACR and photoshop CS6, I think my ACR is version 7,3.? Again a visit to the CS6 Help menu and then  updates is worth a try, regarding Bridge I have always single clicked the thumbnail to bring up the preview image and I double click to open the file in ACR which as far as I understand the is the front end of CS6, I hope this maybe of some help but I am just a front end user of CS6, thank goodness for a GUI is my motto

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