Sony Playmemories Software: what is it good for?

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Re: Simple Solutions ...

Photozopia wrote:

Tried a card reader? About as easy as you can get - no hassle.

OTOH, have you tried the USB way?

And no hassle?  Have you tried using the card reader to transfer video files?   You may not have much problem digging through the subfolders to find the files, many other users do.   Not only that, how do you deal with all those meaningless file names?   And for inexperienced users, using card reader could risk deleting files or corrupting files inadvertently.

USB transfer using MTP would automatically group all the stills AND videos under [date] subfolders, and all the video files renamed with a useful [date][time] file names.  So it is very easy to find, say, all the video/still captures you did today. In addition, it would protect inexperienced users from corrupting the files.

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