Warning: beginner looking to buy a d-SLR camera

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Re: Warning: beginner looking to buy a d-SLR camera

You have just about the easiest list of requirements I've seen!   Usually people want shots of pygmy hummingbirds chasing their grandchildren down a coal mine!

Anyhow, pretty much any modern dslr in your price category will do everything you require.   They all have at least 10Mp, have shutters fast enough freeze action, use SD cards, etc.   There are differences, of course, but mostly they are ones you won't appreciate.  There really is no need for you to go much above entry-level, as much of what you get as you move up is quicker performance and more sophisticated controls.   Also better build quality and slightly better image quality, though even basic models can take pro-caliber shots sometimes, when used properly.

I'm not going to recommend specific models.   I just wanted you to know your needs will be met no matter what you buy.   As a beginner you will be well-served by a basic model.

Sometimes there are good prices on models being replaced, like the D5100.  The D5200 may not have reached your area, but it will soon, so there may be price reductions on the D5100 coming soon.  You can always check prices on the Web to see if stores are giving you a good deal.   Store prices are usually a little higher, but remember the help they give you and that they let you try things out.   I try to buy from my local shop when I can.

If anyone near you teaches classes, a beginner class might be your best investment.   Shops sometimes offer basic classes on a Saturday.

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