Canon 650D - advice on lens please :-)

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Re: Canon 650D - advice on lens please :-)

In short, the Canon 70-300 IS has got image stabilisation (therefore the IS in the name) and the Sigma doesn't. If you want to handhold your camera when taking shots with a telephoto lens, you'll have a better chance with getting a better shot with IS in the telephoto lens. Take a look at the lens reviews here:

There's a lot of factors which determine the quality of a lens.

I recommend you try out both the 55-250 IS and the 70-300 IS... I have the later (bought when it was twice the price it currently is when I went on safari) and thoroughly recommend it's quality both in use and the results it gets. Also heard good things about the 55-250 but I've never used it.

And as a tip, the numbers you are comparing doesn't denote if a lens is better or not... it's just the focal range. In laymen terms, about 30mm on your camera is what you'd see normally with your eyes. Any number above 30mm you will be closing in and enlarging your subject and any number below you are moving away from your subject to take in more of the surroundings.

If you had a 70-300mm lens on your camera, you'd be zoomed in more than your 18-55 IS can reach. If you were wanting to take a landscape shot, chances are, you'd want to switch back to the 18-55 IS as 70mm isn't the best for landscape (though I've done landscape with the 70-300mm but that was out in the wide open plains of the Serengeti and needed the reach for the shot).

I've always found 55mm a horrible point to stop a len's reach as I'd be changing lenses too often. This is why I eventually forked out for a 17-85mm lens (and recently the newer 15-85mm). If you're not keen on changing lenses while on holiday, I recommend you look into one of those two lenses which I bought or the 18-135 IS STM lens. The 17-85 and the 15-85 will give you a bit more wide angle and more telephoto reach than you currently have. If you're happy with 18mm wideness and want more reach than 85mm, the 18-135 IS STM is probably the better choice for you... plus I think it's the cheapest of all these 3 lenses.

Good luck!

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