Has there EVER been a more phony, ineffective US president than B.H. Obama?

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Re: Evaluation based on ...?

Mentor_1 wrote:

NoWhereToHide wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

Brian wrote:

Why do you think we have to hate anyone?

Maybe it is the hate speech that is constantly used by the "we" group you are part of?

I know you do, but we don't hate him. Just thinks he sucks as a president.

Your evaluation is based on what, exactly?

He seems to have mostly carried on with the previous administrations policies, even going so far as to reappoint a large number of Republicans.

It makes sense for those on the political left to be disappointed in his performance so far, but I really don't see how a McCain - Palin (the horror!) administration could have done any better. McCain seems relatively sensible (it's a low bar, though) but would likely not have coped with the pressure too well -- then you get Palin. Or you think that 'Romney - Ryan' would have achieved anything other than wholesale destruction of 'middle America' (what's left of it, anyway) and an economy based on CDOs and other BS?

Seriously -- what mistakes and bad policies did Obama initiate, yet alone get put into action?

And all of this coming from an experienced American...right?

Get lost, dude.

Are there any experienced Americans on this forum? Your rhetoric certainly disqualifies you and what's that, "get lost dude", there's nowheretohide, you're just another joke like your Mr. BullFarce and I am aware that both of you have half of your grade 12 education, grade 6 so good luck with the rest of your lame life in a country that is fortunately made up of only a few like you.

You, sir, are an idiot.

Wait...I take away the "sir"!

In otherwords, you are just an idiot!

And a Canadian, which doubles the "idiot"!

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