D800 focus with 1.4 prime lenses is very variable and inaccurate

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Re: Your AF, not necessarily Nikon's

moving_comfort wrote:

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moving_comfort wrote:

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ither mind you. In my professional enviroment i feel this DSLR deliver's and i can trust it.

You don't believe? ok.

Neither do I.

Does not matter much to me. Nikon's AF is not working with fast primes, which is confirmed by Rob Galbraith, Lloyd Chambers and many others.

I wonder if there are batch-related QC issues, alignment issues, miscalibrated bodies, etc. I'm suspecting that a lot of early-adopters, like the folks you mention, may have a higher incidence of this.

The problem with threads like this is that the OP often takes a general view of what may be a limited problem - in other words, you shouldn't be talking about "Nikon's AF", you should be talking about "your particular body's AF".

If you ask others to allow for the fact that you may not be imagining things, testing half-hazardly, etc, then you have to allow for the fact that many (most?) D800 owners legitimately don't have the same issues you do.


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You may be right. I've had bad luck with D3, D3s and D800E which I have used to shoot weddings. A friend of mine had bad luck with a D3s and D4 which he uses professionally full time.

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