The Truth about D800 Auto Focus - fair at best

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Re: The Truth about D800 Auto Focus - fair at best

AZBlue wrote:

rgolub wrote:

I would sort of agree with you. Perhaps change emphasis a tad. The D800 seems to AF about as well as any non "pro" Nikon body I've used. I would class it in the same category as the D300 / D700 but not as good as a D2x or D4 (never really played with the D3 series).

It does like contrast. I've actually found it to be better than expected on large birds in flight (eagles, ducks, swans). But hardly world class.

Perhaps it's expectations. Given that it is a 'prosumer' level body I expect about that level of performance. (Yes, I know the distinctions are a bit foolish and arbitrary but there is a clear difference in capabilities between Nikon's top-of-the-line bodies and it's other offerings. Surprise!)

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The D800 is an evolution of the D300/D700. I don't understand why you would expect the D800 to focus as fast or furiously as a D2x or D4. Those cameras cost multiple of thousands of dollars more than a D800.

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D3s or D4 may be a tad faster to focus as D800 but they have the same problem: inaccuracy and inconsistency. I've had D3s and a friend is shooting D4 professionally and he said that he has to live with 50% OOF shots when using fast primes. Sometimes it is worse though, and sometimes the AF seems to work.

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