IS blurring : does your 24-105mm f4 L have this problem?

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BRUCEK56 wrote:


Sorry to hear you are having this problem and the lens is just out of warranty.

I also had this problem as mentioned in this thread and immediately sent it to Canon with a copy of this thread including the pictures posted.

My lens was a refurb received last month as a replacement for my original 7 year old lens I sent in to refurbish. I was charged 408.00 but they basically ruined the lens and so they gave me the replacemeent refurb.

The replacement refurb had this exact I.S. issue.......which I only came upon the problem because of this thread.

Anyway I received the lens back from Canon on Saturday and immediately tested it and I no longer have this issue.

The repair indicated they replaced a circuit board in the lens.

I am not really sure how to advise you. If it is over the year old you may not have a recourse.

When I sent my lens in for this I.S. issue they first tried to charge me 308.00 for the repair. I called immediately and explained the 3 trips my original lens made back to them trying to fix their botched refurb job. Their replacement lens I only received last month and it was under warranty for six months.

They looked further and agreed the repair should be at no charge.

You can try calling Canon and speaking to a supervisor and explaining the problem along with mentioning this DPreview thread and that others are having this issue and see if that helps.

Your lens had this issue I am sure since the day you bought it and this thread only brought it to light I am guessing (like me).

I would try and fight it to get it repaired for free. It IS a manufacturer defect.

Good luck!

P.S. If you need my help or a repair # for them to check that it IS an issue please let me know.

Thank you very much for your help!

Actually the lens is only one month old and is still under warranty, but only with the seller.

I saved some money buying it new on e-bay knowing that I don't have the "normal" European warranty.

I spoke with the local repair center in Greece and they told me that I cannot repair it for free if its a grey import.

I have contacted the seller and he is willing to exchange it for me. I only have to pay for the courier between Greece and UK (~70€) to send it back.

So I' am afraid if the new lens has the same problem, what I saved I will spent in courier service!

I am sending it back today and I will ask them to perform some tests on the new one before they send it to me. Let's hope for the best!

I will update the thread with any new development

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