Has there EVER been a more phony, ineffective US president than B.H. Obama?

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Re: Evaluation based on ...?

boggis the cat wrote:

Brian wrote:

Why do you think we have to hate anyone?

Maybe it is the hate speech that is constantly used by the "we" group you are part of?

I know you do, but we don't hate him. Just thinks he sucks as a president.

Your evaluation is based on what, exactly?

He seems to have mostly carried on with the previous administrations policies, even going so far as to reappoint a large number of Republicans.

It makes sense for those on the political left to be disappointed in his performance so far, but I really don't see how a McCain - Palin (the horror!) administration could have done any better. McCain seems relatively sensible (it's a low bar, though) but would likely not have coped with the pressure too well -- then you get Palin. Or you think that 'Romney - Ryan' would have achieved anything other than wholesale destruction of 'middle America' (what's left of it, anyway) and an economy based on CDOs and other BS?

Seriously -- what mistakes and bad policies did Obama initiate, yet alone get put into action?

And all of this coming from an experienced American...right?

Get lost, dude.

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