Warning: beginner looking to buy a d-SLR camera

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Re: Warning: beginner looking to buy a d-SLR camera

So I've always been blessed with wandering upon beautiful scenes, but been cursed with the improper equipment and/or skill to immortalize them. I'm one of those crazy people who will pull over to the side of the road to take a picture of a sunset, and I'm getting sick and tired of the picture I take missing the vibrancy of color of what I see. Also I love to take wildlife and candid shots as well as architectural pictures but few turn out as I would like.

It seems like you do appreciate scenery and its beauty which is a good thing.

So broken down, that's:

  • Under $1500 for lens and body (used is fine)
  • For both landscape and full-motion pictures
  • Good picture resolution
  • x3 zoom and/or the ability to hook up a telephoto (correct term?) lens
  • 10 MP or better
  • SD card ports
  • Any software information highly appreciated 

Buying used is a risky thing, you dont really know what the previous owner did to the camera. (Second hand lenses is not too bad). Sometimes you buy something at half price as you get an item as good as new. But if you are not so fortunate, you might end up needing to spend more money on repairs. Its really up to you to take the risk. But I advice for body you buy new. And if in future you want to buy anymore lenses, you can buy used.

On to the products I've looked at:

  • Nikon D3200: Truthfully after reading about the "Guide Mode" offered by this camera I was just about sold but decided I really did need to get an educated second opinion.
  • Nikon D5100: Have read good reviews but think it may be more advanced than I can handle
  • Nikon D800: I know it to be just about double my price range but will admit to have greatly considered it before deciding that it, to is more advanced than I can handle

I think the d800 would really be too much. Its one of the best cameras around but like you said, its way more. If this would cause you to limit your lens, and if its weight would make you refrain from carrying it around, I dont think its a good idea. If you are sure ou really want to get into photog, I think the most you should go is the d600 which is over budget but the best compromised to the d800.

For cameras within your budget, The d3200, D5100 and D5200 would all suit well.

As for lenses;

18-55mm Kit lens for landscapes and scenery.

55-300mm for wildlife.

50mm F1.8 for candids.

The prices have been stated by the earlier post so you can slowly work out your finances. Hope this helps. 

Have a nice day!

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