Canon User with a Nikon D600 (Part 2)

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Re: Canon User with a Nikon D600 (Part 2)

GuillaumeF wrote:

MajStriker wrote:

3. The HD Movie mode mostly worked very well, including the AF during recording (by that I mean, pressing the shutter button halfway to focus). An odd issue kept occurring however with the movie mode, when I would switch to movie mode it would record for about 4 seconds and then say: "Recording interrupted, please wait" This would display for about 15-25 seconds and then go away and then I could record as long as I pleased without any further interruptions. Again, I was using a class 10 SDHC card so I'm not sure why this kept occurring. It was annoying and repeated itself everytime I switched back and forth between movie and normal operation.

Hi MajStriker,

I have the same problem with my D600 & the Movie Mode. And I get it many times.

I have a brand new UHS-1/SDXC class10 Card. I do believe the card is not the problem, as I can do at least 14 RAW in burst mode without any slowdown.

I think I only encountered the problem so far in A mode (aperture priority) but I'm not sure.

I also get a fully functional video mode after the message got away. However, if I shut down the D600, an dput it ON again, I'll hget the problem again.

In what mode did you get this ?

I was at Nikon "Espace Photo" in Paris earlier today. It is an official Nikon place where you can find docs or get your stuff repaired.
I talk to the guys there about this problem. He said I was the first.
But having read your post before, I told him I was not alone.

He thought it might be a software problem that a new firmware might fix. I kindly ask him to report to Nikon Europe? I hope he will.

Anyone else getting this error ?



>>> I have the same problem with my D600, it also hapens in the manual mode, did you get to solve it?

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