Has there EVER been a more phony, ineffective US president than B.H. Obama?

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Re: Has there EVER been a more phony, ineffective US president than B.H. Obama?

smallcams wrote:

Brian wrote:

smallcams wrote:

Wait. "Unqualified", too.

Not interested in worthless opinons from Canucks, Aussies and Limeys.

Carter was close, but B.H.O. has even Carter Beat.

Yes, BHO does have Carter beat. Not eve that close. Problem is that Carter keeps injecting himself into the political landscape. He's got to be the most long-lived, problematic US president ever!

I disagree, Obama is way more effective than Carter was on his best day.(if he had one)

See you guys may have been Kids during the Carter administration.

I was just out of Highschool and politics was a contact sport back then. (after Nixon and Viet Nam? oh yeah!)

The only reason Cater got elected is because half the Republicans refused to vote for either Carter or Ford. They did not stay home, they just did not cast a vote for president.

The result of this "Voter strike" was four years of dithering on everything.

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