Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

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If you haven't seen this already, Amin Sabet did a great comparison between the 7-14 and the 9-18. As I mentioned before, the 7-14 has better IQ, but the 9-18 is no slouch. Honestly, I doubt you'll regret the purchase of either lens.

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Thanks, I hadn't seen that comparison. I would say that the Pany 7~14 does look a little better than the Olympus in the corners but that both lenses perform well for UWA.

The comparison also made me think more about the effective focal length of the two lenses, and for me that's another plus point for the Olympus. Ok, the Pany is wider but I rarely use 14mm equivalent. The Olympus extends to 18mm or 36mm equivalent; that is what I currently favour as a standard lens (35mm) whereas the Pany leaves me at 28mm equivalent - still in WA territory. So for my purposes it is a smaller and lighter lens, it takes filters, it has a more useful range and it is cheaper. It is not quite on a par for IQ but is very close and is certainly very good. I will definately give the Olympus 9~18 a try.

Thanks again for the link.

i too have followed your thought process lately and it helped me solidify my decision to sell the 7-14 and get the 9-18. of course i was also driven by the fact that the random purple smearing and ghosting with the 7-14 made it unusable for a big reason, shooting interiors. for me there was no questions because of that - however as you say 28mm is still inherently wide angle - i in fact own and love the panny 14mm f2.5 but often wish it had a little more reach. so the 18mm of the oly is going to see if that part is true.

the 9-18 comes tomorrow. there are a couple of interior shots i can 're-enact' since i have access to the home, and i will do that to test flare and edge-to-edge sharpness.

Did you see this recent thread about purple flare with the 9-18 on the E-M5?

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