Should Lumix users buy the Olympus 75mm lens?

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Re: Should Lumix users buy the Olympus 75mm lens?

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Thanks everyone for the helpful responses... it helped me mull over my decision. I think I should be fine using it at 1/150th of a second. Of course that may mean higher ISOs, but I get very good results at 3200 so it shouldn't be too much of a problem, except in very low light....

Just in case it would help you make up your mind, I might mention that the lowest shutter speed I would try with this lens on my E-M5 is 1/160 but I'd rather go to 1/200 to be on the safe side. Below 1/160, shutter shock spoils the fun. Yes, I can still get passably sharp shots below 1/160. But I don't care much for those. I want tack sharp and this lens, more than any other, is capable of delivering just that. So it would be a shame not to let it do so.

A few additional observations.

1. I have tested this very carefully and systematically. It's not a matter of casual impressions.

2. I was expecting these results. The lens that the 75/1.8 is replacing in my kit, a legacy Minolta MD 85/2, behaved in the same way or even a tad worse and has about the same FL, the same weight, and the same dimensions (with adapter). I bought the 75/1.8 nevertheless.

3. I much appreciate the E-M5 IBIS for what it can do with other lenses at other shutter speeds. It's only with some particular lenses and some particular shutter speeds that the shutter shock (rather than IBIS per se) spoils the fun.

4. One should keep in mind that the standard shutter-speed rule of 1/EFL, which in this case would translate to 1/150 is considered a pretty liberal one these digital days. Many would say that 1/2xEFL is more in line with what you need for tack-sharp results.

5. Your mileage may vary. I can only speak for myself, and my particular copy of lens and body.

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I have a Panasonic G5 which is fabulous. I also love my Olympus 45mm 1.8 lens. I'm tempted to buy the Olympus 75mm lens after reading its great reviews, but I'm on the fence. I'm thinking that at that focal length I would miss the IS. I also do have the Lumix 45mm - 150mm which is pretty good (but not quite awesome) and fairly slow (4.0-5.6).

Just curious if other Lumix users have bought the 75mm Olympus lens and how you like it.

Many thanks, Bob

Should not be a problem if shooting with shutter speed of 1/150s and faster. Maybe you can try for yourself before buying?

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Doesn't the EM-5 (and other Oly cameras) have an anti-shock setting?

Yes, it does. And to some extent it helps but mostly, in my experience, by turning unsharp shots into passably sharp ones. In my experience, it doesn't help me get that tack sharpness I am usually hoping/striving to achieve. That's true for the 75/1.8 as well as for other lenses affected by the shutter shock in the first place.

Technically, what the anti-shock setting does is to eliminate the first part of the shock (that from the shutter closing prior to exposure (which is somewhat analogous to the mirror flap of an SLR). It can't eliminate the second part (that from subsequent shutter action) and regrettably, this part has some impact as well.

Fortunately, not all my lenses are affected by the shutter shock to any degree that is at all visible. It works all right with any lens I use having an FL of max 45 mm (7.5/3.5 FE, 12/2, 20/1.7, 45/1.8, 7-14/4, 14-45/3.5-5.6) although in one case, 14-45/3.5-5.6, this is due to using OIS rather than IBIS. On this particular lens (not others), OIS, unlike IBIS, is capable of counteracting the shutter shock so that everything works just fine. The problems I have are with the longer teles, e.g., the 40-150/4-5.6 (even at the short end), the 100-300/4-5.6 and the 75/1.8.

I see. I guess that's where an electronic shutter would be nice to have, assuming it's limitations didn't come into play.

Yes, there is a small niche (static subjects shot handheld at FLs from about 50 to 100) where a rolling electronic shutter like that on the G5 or GH3 might help a bit, particularly if the lens is stabilized. However, what I am really waiting for is a camera with electronic first curtain (recent Sonys and Canons already have that, and my guess is that it eliminates or vastly reduces the shutter shock) or, even better, a global electronic shutter.

No question a global shutter is the holy grail of digital video/photography.

Again, though, the subject doesn't have to be static to use the ectronic shutter.  It just can't be moving fast.

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