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Ok, you've been kind of dick replying to some of my image posts, but still, I'll help you out. (Recognizing that you don't see my genius in composition! Hahaha!). Still these are good rules:

Avoid any lines entering a frame through the corner.

Avoid any lines that are almost plumb... if they are going to be at an angle make them at a decisive angle, if they should be vertical or horizontal, make them vertical or horizontal.

Only use the Rule of Thirds as a starting point, the whole image must end up balanced.

Understand the concept of a center of gravity and use it for composition. People subconsciously perceive the c.g. of expanses.

Look for interesting series/ratios in an image's elements, we respond to pleasing frequencies in images as we do in music.

No matter what, we will try to find 3 distinct dominant elements in any image... angles between the centroids (c.g.'s) of these elements should line at angles of roughly 30 or 60 degrees (I've never measured this, you have to work with overall balance in your frame, so just use this as starting point like the rule of 3rds).

Manage edge elements carefully. You want the flow of anyone's attention to stay within the frame of your image.

... those came off the top of my head.

Happy shooting!

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good tips, some of which I did not know.

Can you explain the CG rule a bit?

I am not sure I am following you.


It's kinda like a teeter-totter...something bigger on one side might need something smaller a bit farther out on the other. etc. or something large and dull on one side might need something small and bright on the other. It 'can get complicated with leading lines and diagonals etc. but basically it's about visual balance.

So all is in harmony and balances with the universe...Grasshopper.

(Lots of good points from mh2000)

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Actually, "rules" is probably the wrong word, should be more "things to be aware of." In the real world it's all a compromise or it's boring!

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