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Re: CG, maybe...?

Guy Parsons wrote:

tedolf wrote:

mh2000 wrote:

Understand the concept of a center of gravity and use it for composition. People subconsciously perceive the c.g. of expanses.

Can you explain the CG rule a bit?

I am not sure I am following you.

I see that "CG" thing as seeing balance in the image. Stuff on the right may need some stuff on the left to "balance" the image, doesn't need to be symmetrical or size matched, just something there, but all it really is doing is giving the eye something to look at on both sides.

Regards...... Guy

I can't find a really clear example, but in this shot:


The c.g. of the two rugs and the water heat provide 3 points that pull the whole shot together.

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