Should Lumix users buy the Olympus 75mm lens?

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Re: Should Lumix users buy the Olympus 75mm lens?

ryan2007 wrote:

rladd wrote:

I have a Panasonic G5 which is fabulous. I also love my Olympus 45mm 1.8 lens. I'm tempted to buy the Olympus 75mm lens after reading its great reviews, but I'm on the fence. I'm thinking that at that focal length I would miss the IS. I also do have the Lumix 45mm - 150mm which is pretty good (but not quite awesome) and fairly slow (4.0-5.6).

Just curious if other Lumix users have bought the 75mm Olympus lens and how you like it.

Many thanks, Bob

Well no if you have the 35-100 2.8 not needed. OR if you need a 150mm equivalent lens and don't mind changing lenses as part of the setup.

The 75 1.8 is a $900 lens and the 35-100 2.8 is a $1,500 lens. The F-stop difference is maybe a stop faster but its just one long lens. You have 1.4, 2.0, 2.8, 4.0, 5.6 etc.

The 35-100 is a $600 difference BUT you get like Six (6) prime 2.8 lenses in one package. So if your ready to spend close to $1,000 on one prime lens maybe you get a filter too to protect it.

Either way that one stop difference is not that huge of a difference for me at least even if it was a Panasonic lens.

I would save and get the 35-100 2.8 if you are at the level or point to spend this on a prime lens that will only every be one focal length. The 12-35, 35-100 2.8 is really a nice pair.

I look at fast zooms as a group of individual prime lenses.

If the F-stops were more like 2 stops of light, maybe that would be a bigger deal, but for me 1.8 might as well be 2.0 and then to 2.8 is one stop of light.

If the camera does well at high ISO's that is one thing you change or one notch on the shutter speed.

To me its not worth $900 for one stop of light when for another $600 at this level you can get a way more versatile range.

Save up for it you'll really be happy with it.

Personally, I reason completely differently. While the 35-100/2.8 is a good lens if you need to quickly change focal length across the 35-100 range and want decent low-light capability, the 75 has a number of advantages that are of greater importance to me. It is 1.3 EV faster (which is a lot when the going gets rough or if you want maximal subject isolation which is more difficult achieve with MFT than with bigger formats), it has better MTF values at equivalent apertures, and is optically close to perfect in pretty much every regard. On top of that, it is somewhat smaller and lighter and significantly less expensive.

If you have the 45/1.8 (as both the OP and I), the gap in the FL range up to 75 is something I can easily live with. And 75 is not a whole lot shorter than 100, particularly since the MTF values of the 75 are so high and the lens so fast (helps keep ISOs and noise down) that it easily permits a bit of cropping.

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