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Re: NEC monitors

If you use an i1 Display Pro make sure to let it warm up for 20 minutes. Open the probe window with SV II and put it to continuous read and just let it read non-stop like that for 20 minutes, also make sure ot have had the monitor contrinuously on for a good 30 minutes.

You may want to turn off metamerism correction if it got toggled on by accident (multiprofiler has the control).

For photo editing you want native gamut as the SV II basis. For TV/DVD you want the Broadcast basis (sRGB gamut plus gamma 2.2). For web-viewing and sRGB images to look perfect in non-color managed software the sRGB basis worsks (sRGB gamut plus sRGB TRC, note that sRGB images DO NOT use gamma 2.2 and if you have the monitor set to gamma 2.2 then images will look different in manged vs non-managed software such as using IE vs Firefox).

The 14bit internal LUT in the PA series is great.

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