GH-3 Viewfinder "issue" - product of clueless

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Re: GH-3 issue / non-issues

Francis Carver wrote:

amtberg wrote:

I see what the "issue" is but to me it's a non-issue.

The bigger issue to me is that it has lower apparent (though not actual) resolution, which makes it a little harder to MF.

Not a problem with magnified view, though, so not really a problem.

Okay, so safe to say there are no issues at all with the GH3, correct? Why even start up such a thread then, I wonder?

If every issue that was raised on this forum was a real issue we'd all be shooting with instamatics. 

But I'm not saying it isn't a problem for everyone.  I think there are a few people who got genuinely defective cameras, and most of those who are complaining just don't care for the EVF's design.  Sort of like saying the OM-D has an issue because the buttons are too small and too close together.

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