Fine-tuning AF with the D600

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Re: Fine-tuning AF with the D600

Interesting - I guessed correctly!   There is a slight better focus on the subject bottle, but I noticed the most difference on the OOF bottle in the foreground.

Your experience seems more in line with what I would expect - you seem to have  a good mix of + and - focusing.  That all of my lenses require fairly large negative adjustments is what gave me the most concern.  My zooms by the way, are pretty decent; I think the 24-70 was -4 to -7 and the 28-200 was also within 4 or 5 points from tip to tail.

Did you pick up the regular or Pro version?  I went Pro, since it was only marginally more, and there were some interesting features.  I also ran a Dust test... if FoCal is to be believed, my sensor is a mess!  Most dust/oil? was resolved beyond f/11 though, which is higher than I typically shoot, so I haven't seen any dust in my shots so far...

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