rx1 vs rx100 vs nex-7

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rx1 vs rx100 vs nex-7

I know these cameras serve different target customers and you can't easily compare them because they are so different but what if...

First of all, let's take the cost out of the equation but let's keep the sizing factor in. I'm currently looking at purchasing a "traveling" camera where I can just have in my "pocket" for those random moments. I'll mainly be taking pictures of my family, two of which are young kids and very active. I know the nex-7 isn't as pocketable as the other two and so it's relatively pocketable compared to a regular dslr.

For each of their benefits and disadvantages (again not considering cost), which would you choose and why? Please keep in mind, that I'll be primarily shooting my family so with the nex-7 having the ability to change to say a wide angle lens isn't really going to benefit me for this particular use.

I'd like to hear your thoughts. I messed around with the rx1 at the store and I really like it but the fixed lens especially at 35mm kind gives me pause. I understand this is a fairly usable walk around lens and it still allows the camera to be compact but maybe if it had a little bit of zoom and stabilization, it would be nice.

The nex-7 is nice but I don't really care for the folding screen as it's really a gimmick and adds cost and weight and heft. If it were to articulate in any way that I would have preferred, it would be to articulate so that I can see the screen from the front of the camera such as in self portraits photos. The other thing about the nex-7 is the fact that it doesn't really have any quality lenses to go with the camera. From what I see, it does have one and that's the same cost as the body only. At that point, you're about $700 away from the rx1, which I would probably say may be the better camera at that point, since it's way smaller, has a full size sensor, and quite possibly a better integrated lens.

THe rx100 is a great camera and priced well. I would say that if I were shopping for a pocket camera, this would totally fit the bill but I wouldn't mind kicking it to the next level and maybe spending the money if it were worth it and having a larger sensor might be worth it.

Also, do I hold out for the rx2 and allow Sony to better the camera because I think it can be tweaked a little bit to improve upon an already great camera?

Your thoughts?...

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