Got my fisheye yesterday!

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Re: Good for you! Enjoy it.

clengman wrote:

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RoelHendrickx wrote:

This is a message from someone severely addicted to fisheye.

Trust me : you can use that lens creatively on more subjects than you would imagine at first.

Don't hesitate to get really really really close to stuff.

It's addictive, yes. One photographer that I know told me that the biggest danger with fisheye is to start shooting everything with fisheye. I found that it's true. Then I got a second body to mount non-fisheye lenses so I would use them too. You really can shoot anything with fisheye, even portraits, just need to explore various defishing options to make pictures more pleasant for wider audience.

So far I've downloaded Kenw's lens profiles for lightroom, and I'm trying to learn the ins and outs of Hugin. I know you like the Hemi Defish plugin for PS, but I'm wondering if you're aware of other software packages that can perform these image transforms.

As I was searching around I saw a demo of a perspective/distortion correction tool on youtube. This software included a kind of a "brush tool" to make local adjustments. (e.g. to straighten barrel distortion where it's really obvious like a on a tile floor without affecting the rest of the image) That seemed like it might be useful for some images, but I can't for the life of me relocate that video or the name of the software package used in the video. I'm starting to think I imagined it.

I doubt that it is possible to really make "local adjustments" of distortion. Ends have to meet somewhere in the picture.

What you probably saw was some tool that allows you to reduce distortion of a certain kind and in a certain place where it's really evident at the expense of more distortion of a another kind and/or in another place where it's less evident. Hugin will let you do that with the general Panini projection. There are a lot of parameters to play with to get things just right.

Not that you always have to. The little experiments I have so far performed suggests, as I expected, that regular Panini works surprisingly well for many of those shots where the really wide FoV is desirable but where the fisheye distortion detracts from rather than adds to the composition.

I even think, again as I expected, that I will find it preferable to convert the rectilinear projection produced by my 7-14 to Panini. While the 7-14 works perfectly well at its short end for certain scenes, there are others where the stretching towards the edges looks pretty bad. It's partly a matter of whether there are objects in the scene whose dimensions are known/guessable (e.g., people), partly a matter of how flat the subject is. Shoot a wide, flat building parallel to the sensor and you'll have no trouble. Shoot down a hall and you will/might.

As to software, I downloaded a trial copy of Hemi too. While it's perhaps a tad more expedient than Hugin for converting a single image to standard Panini, Hugin is a) much more flexible, and b) offers a batch facility that you can use for expedient processing of many images in a standardized way. So my bets are on Hugin right now.

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