LX3 v LX7?

Started Jan 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
William Ing Contributing Member • Posts: 609
add'l info about wideangle converters for the LX-7


Please see this adjacent thread on this forum, where the question of adapter tubes and several options WRT WA converters for the LX-7 is discussed in greater detail.

True, the 18mm converter for the LX-3 now sells for about $145, while the Panny 18mm converter designed originally for the LX-5 (but which also works with the LX-7 + Kiwi adapter tube) currently retails for about $175 on Amazon. But bear in mind that you get an 18mm f/1.4 with the LX-7, as opposed to the LX-3's f/2, plus the advantages of 24-90mm and the numerous technological advances of the past four years.

If $175 seems too pricey for a new 18mm converter, my suggestion would be too find a used copy, or to consider the less costly (about $110 new) Konica Minolta .8X (=19mm) lens converter discussed in the above thread.

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