The Mainstream Media and the Elderly

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AARP doesn't collect Social Security

Bill Randall wrote:

Chato wrote:

Here's a ​very short excerpt ​ from this essay. The Conservative Media, also called the "Liberal Media," since they occasionally touch base with planet earth, insist on making war on the elerderly...

On Meet the Press (12/30/12), NBC's Tom Brokaw complained that Obama "could help himself a lot if he were tougher on the AARP"--by which he meant tougher on seniors, raising the retirement age for Social Security (which is really a cut in benefits--Extra!, 12/12) and "means-testing" Medicare. (When the discussion was taxes, Brokaw insisted that "$250,000 doesn't make you rich," but proposals to means-test Medicare assume that elderly retirees with incomes as low as $85,000 aren't paying enough for healthcare--FireDogLake, 12/14/12.)

Brokaw went on:

I think it would have been helpful to him this morning to have said, "Look, we get this tax deal done, I'm here to help on Medicare and Social Security reforms." We've got to address those, instead of just saying, "I'm going to protect the seniors who are there and the Medicare and Medicaid recipients." Give a little something. Show good faith about what needs to be done on deficit reduction and the entitlement programs.

For the rest of the essay, here's the link

Corporate Media and protecting the wealthy

So it would appear that, counting money is done in two ways. If you make 250K, you're middle class, but it you're retired, then 85K is rich.


The AARP supported Obama and healthcare. They supported healthcare before they even knew what was in the bill. I am no longer a member of AARP.

And I couldn't care less about them AND their opinions. It is individuals who collect Social Security.

They are a Conservative lobbying group, who opposed Single Payer. I'm not saying that they are all bad, but they sure don't speak for me.

And ​this thread​ is about how the Republicans, and Right Wing Democrats like Obama, are in agreement. In order to keep taxes low for the wealthy, and pay down the deficit ​which they created, those Greedy Geezers, rolling in money, have to step up to the plate and take cuts in their "benefits." Now the average retired worker collecting SSI is collecting $1,261.61.

SS Benefits

Surely these greedy SOB's should cut down on luxuries like food and rent? Surely, as the good Lord knows, people struggling to make ends meet with a piddling 250K a year deserve better then to let these free loaders wallow in wealth? And they call these benefits an "entitlement?"

Surely the billionaires are entitled to their Ponzi Schemes, and surely Social Security reciepients should pay for them when they go South?

Just the other day, before I beat him to death, my employer told me he was tired of paying me entitlements. That just because ​MY entitlement, (​also called a wage) was really good hearted charity on his part, and he was tired of supporting me and my luxurious lifestyle.

Well, not for nothing, but that's what Social Security is. And ​everyone should be enraged ​when these ​STUPID, SICK, Disgusting talking heads of the mainstream media, (Laughingly called the "Liberal Media) try to play the same game on us.


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