Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

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Re: Do you rely on AF

Art_P wrote:

Where did I say that the manual focus scale on the 12/2 is of no value, let alone that MF is of no value? If you read the post of mine to which you replied, you will see that the questions I raise concern hyperforcal distance and zone focus. I didn't question that there are instances where the manual focus scale on the 12/2 might come in handy and of course not that MF is universally redundant.

As a matter of fact, I used the manual focus scale on the 12/2 to manually set infinity focus (not hyperfocal distance) in the image I showed earlier in this thread here. Not that there aren't other ways of doing that if the lens doesn't have a distance scale (turn the camera off and then on and the lens goes to infinity; dismount and mount the lens and it goes to infinity) but since the 12/2 happens to have one, I used it.

Now in response to your specific questions of what I would do if I didn't have a lens with an MF scale in the cases you describe:

when it's too dim to see your subject in the VF?

If shooting at infinity distance (which would be the norm rather than exception when it's too dim to see the subject in the VF) I'd use one of the two techniques described above. If not I'd try to use a subject I could see and prefocus at roughly the right distance. A flashlight might come in handy here (as it would in order to see the manual focus scale on the 12/2 when it's pitch dark).

when prefocusing for a subject not yet in the frame?

Prefocus on a subject at the right distance that is already in the frame. That's what we all did before there was any AF. And I usually used the VF, not the distance scale on the lens, to do so since that achieves the best results more quickly.

when shooting 'from the hip' and subject may not be aligned w AF square?

See above.

when subject is lower contrast than foreground/background?

Use regular MF, which doesn't require a distance scale.

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