Problem with the lens 9-18 Oly

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Re: Lens flare normal, purple flare not so much

Savas Kyprianides wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

While lens flare is normal when shooting into the sun with a wide angle lens, the EM-5 has the distinct property of reflecting purple light around your image.

To fix this problem, buy an inexpensive Panasonic G3 to use with your wide angle lens.

It's not limited to the Panasonic 7-14? I'll get the same if I buy the Olympus wide zoom on an OM-D?

Apparently the answer is no, it's NOT just limited to the Panasonic, based on those photos which were shown. But the 9-18 is said to produce less flare, so the purple flare doesn't show as often and is less visible.

But seriously, if you can afford either of these lenses, you can afford a cheap Panasonic backup body. There's usually one or two on sale real cheap at Amazon or other places like that.

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