Yet another E-M5 flash suggestion thread

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Re: Yet another E-M5 flash suggestion thread

I'm also in a search for a flash. What I learned so far is that there is no solution that fits perfectly to all scenarios. Probably it's better to opt for two flashes that together cover most uses.

For example, instead of getting one Oly FL600 or one Met 58 AF2 (about 300 $/euros each), you might prefer to get an FL300 + a Nissin Di466 FT + a wireless trigger (around 300$/euros together).

Some use cases that this combination can handle pretty well:

1. When you go light, carry the FL300 only (nice small (wireless) TTL)

When you need a more powerful flash -

2. On camera, take the Di466 (supports TTL when on camera, as strong and as heavy as the FL600 , has decent recycle time, but has no LED for video and does not swivel).

3. Off camera, use the Di466 in manual mode (that's the only mode it supports when it is off camera) and trigger it by its optical slave mode / by a wireless trigger. If you use a wireless trigger and this trigger supports TTL pass-thru, the FL300 can be used in manual mode on the trigger at the same time to add fill flash in front of the lens.

The FL36r can be used instead of the Nissin. It will give you Oly's RC mode (TTL/Auto/Manual), Fast Sync mode and an option to swivel its head but it has longer recycle times (it uses only 2 batteries) and even a refurbished/2nd hand FL36r is more expensive than a new Nissin. Although not by much.

Some use cases that the above combination is not sufficient for:

1. When more power is needed. In this case you can either add another flash to the set (e.g. a cheap manual flash) or get something stronger then the Nissin in the first place.

2. When you shoot outdoors at high shutter speeds. To handle that you can either get a flash that supports the fast sync mode instead of the Nissin or consider using LED light as continuous fill light on your subject instead of a flash. Maybe instead of the FL300 at all, if LED light proves to be good enough. I don't know.

These two use cases can be handled by the FL50(r) or the Metz 58 (instead of the Nissin) but they are way more expensive and also top heavy on the camera, so must be used with a bracket.

Of course there are many more combinations and use cases to consider. I referred only to those that I find most useful. Good luck.

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