x100 Portrait shots, yes or no? I say yes

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Re: X100 Portrait shots, I say yes too...but

Ok, I'm a little late to reply and appreciate all the encouragement and comments. Let's start with:

Using a 35mm (23mm) for head shot portraits -

And it's already been mentioned this is not an ideal lens for head shots. I will continue to use my Sony a57 with either the Sony 35mm f/1.8 (effective 52mm) or my Minolta 50mm f/1.7 (effective 75mm) for my serious head shot and portrait work.

What I learned the other day is the Fuji is capable of extraordinary clarity and sharpness at close range, I suspected this would be the results but now I've done it with my own hands/eyes.

Using Models -

Someone asked about finding models, you can join Model Mayhem, you can network at your local art shows and art groups, and check into the local Meetup Groups in your area. I have a relatively easy time finding models (professional and amateur) what I lack is time.

The other photog who was there was using a Nikon, I told the models I would be working a little slower than he and that did not seem to bother them. The Nikon shooter and I had fun with it, he kept kidding me about being "slow".

The models didn't really say anything about the x100 but everywhere I go people comment on it.

Making the eyes pop -

Jenn has amazingly sparkly eyes, all I need is good lighting to make her eyes pop. That said Lightroom has a "iris enhance" button that can improve dull eyes.

My post process secrets and the question of grain-

I have none, seriously. Look at the photos I posted from the bar the other night, clearly I don't have any processing secrets (and I'm skilled at taking crappy photos too!). It's all about lighting and I had mostly good lighting this day.

I use Lightroom 4 (I miss 3) and do typical pp - adjust white balance, add dark/light/contrast/sharpen/etc. My post process skills are adequate at best. Someone asked if I added grain, I did not so if you see some grain I'm betting I inadvertently added it in post. If you tell me which image looks the grainiest I'll export the RAW and we can look at it before any post work to see if I captured the grain or accidentally added it in post. My eyes aren't that great.

Which film simulation to use -

I shoot RAW so I'm not using the JPG film simulation action (that the Fuji apparently does really well).

Bottom line -

As I mentioned this is the first time I worked with models using my new x100 and it passed the test with flying colors and without a bunch of fuss. As you already know the x100 is no DSLR killer when it comes to speed but with firmware 1.3 it seems fast enough for most applications but it does indeed slow you down, or it slows me down compared to my Sony. Not a big deal for me and as I mentioned, I'm taking less shots and making them count more because getting the shot right takes more time and effort than my Sony. I suspect as I get to know it better it will take less effort but still take more time. The results make it well worth the time for me.

Unless I am in studio setting and/or doing serious head shot work, I will only bring my Fuji with me knowing it's capable of doing really nice portrait work.


I have more shots that I'll be processing soon, the better ones will end up on my Tumblr or Facebook site(s). I'll add more to this thread too (including just head shots).

And here is one more, a head shot. This one was actually quite dark and I had to lighten the exposure in post. It still needs some work but for now this will do.

ps: Sue Bryce is amazing, thanks for the tip and link.

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