How to make adobe cs 6 open my rw2 files by default

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Re: one more step

JulesJ wrote:

Highlight on RW2 file

Hit Mac Key/I which will open th file's Info page.

Look down until you see

Open With

Choose PS

Then when you double click on any RW2 file it will open in PS

Mac/I is a very useful thing to know about.


Arjun G wrote:

I am trying to make adobe cs 6 open the rw2 files from my lumix FZ 200 by default.

I tried checking the always open with option.

however each time i have to choose which application opens the file.

its quite annoying.

i would be greatful for any help or suggestions.

I run snowlepord on a mac book pro.

Follow th instruction above.

But before you leave the get Info window you'll also have the option to "open all files of this type" with the selected software - click that and it should solve the problem down the road.

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