there is only one 45mm NX lens.

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Re: Another shot clearly showing two versions

mynameisunique wrote:

viking79 wrote:

there is clearly a "compact portrait" (45mm f/1.8) and a "mid-telephoto prime" (45mm f/1.8 2d/3d ED).

I see, but where does the "ED" stand for?

the "compact portrait" seems to be missing it... Could this mean that the 3D has superior glass?

  • I expect the "ED" stands for Extra Low-Dispersion glass. 
  • But... I wouldn't attach any particular significance to that snippet, since that slide seems riddled with inconsistencies in where 'ED' acronym is applied (or not).  For example, we know both the 60mm and 85mm lenses use ED glass, yet neither got an ED label.
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